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Print Settings Page #


This page is for QR Bulk Print, Admin can Bulk QR Print and manage Print from this. please see below in details





1)QR Code Size: Write QR Code Size for Print, by default it is 200

2) Post Type: Select the type of post you want to print, from the drop-down option. Eg; Post, Product, Page, etc

3) Print Per Page: Select the number of qty to want to print per page, for all write ” -1 ”

4) Display Title? : Want to display the title for printing. If not, select “No” or otherwise select “Yes”

5) Display Product Price? : if Post type is Product Want to display the Product Price for printing. If not, select “No” or otherwise select “Yes”

Click the Save button and go to the next tab for Print Page



Print Page #

Print page

  1. Print QR: This is the print button, when you click this button a popup will appear like the image below
  2.  Print Pagination: Click The button for Next Page



Print #

Print Qr


3.Click The Save Button and Save as Pdf

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